Our Mission

Doing Better

It really is something when a snack company can figure out how to make truly delicious and nourishing snacks.

But it's really something very special when this same nourishing snack can be shared in a way that helps bring more than just a full belly to others that often aren't able to know when or where their next good snack or meal will come from.

Because we try to ask ourselves "how can we do better" as often as we can, we figured out a way to leverage a manufacturing process that traditionally creates excess "unusable" product simply because it didn't make the necessary look/weight of that of an individual unit for resale.

We figured out how to get these delicious little odds-and-ends pieces into their own final packaged homes and help get them into the hands of very happy school age kids and families to provide very needed meals in their times of need.

Through the years we have been fortunate in our mission to be able to donate hundreds of pounds of our very own nourishing food to our local food banks.  We work with the good folks at Feeding America and the Hunger Taskforce to help support them with their mission to eliminate hunger with as many families as possible.  

The snackingEvolved community has become so much more than just a delicious subscription program, its evolved into a mission to affect as many lives as possible through sharing the food we make with as many people as possible.  With your support of the the snackingEVOLVED program we can do so much more together to