Handcrafted Artisan Meat Snacks

Hand crafted in small batches

Harvest Sticks are a delicious and nourishing snack made with healthy and thoughtfully used ingredients from:

prairie raised grass-fed beef
all-natural antibiotic free pork

And vitamin rich fruits and vegetables such as:

sweet potato.

Harvest sticks are made with simple and intentional ingredients. We specifically choose not only which ingredients we use, but we also are aware of how much of them we are using.  Being mindful of the ingredients we are using allows us to not only make healthy and nourishing food, but it also allows us to be more intentional with the overall culinary experience (we are talking delicious folks!).

Our animal protein is sourced only from healthy and happy animals that eat grass and root in open unconfined areas which are free from pesticides, and added antibiotics and hormones.  And our fruits and vegetables are sourced from local area farmers as much as possible.

We use no artificial ingredients or preservatives, and choose ingredients that are free from GMO's, Gluten, Soy and Dairy.

Food is life, and life is worth being enjoyed.  Being aware of what we are eating is the first step to true nourishment. The second step is making sure you are choosing the best food options to nourish your body, mind and soul with.  Ingredients alone do not make a meal, but the right ingredients used together bring true nourishment to life. In today's world we are all busier than ever. And the time we spend "hunting and gathering" for nourishment is becoming increasingly harder. Sitting down to eat a delicious and healthy meal with family and friends is the ultimate and total nourishment. But with so many demands and time constraints on us mini-meals and snacking are our primary form of nourishment, so convenience and healthy are our two top priorities for quick food choices.  And the passion we have is to bridge convenience and healthy with delicious and gourmet.